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    Though complete novices we have just acquired W7093 as a gift from my father-in-law after it was laid up out of water for at least a year and probably much longer. It has been well refitted and at a first sailing seemed to be going fine. However when brought to Otley sailing club it had to pass a bouyancy test in which we filled it with water. It passed fine but now the centreboard is stuck fast and won’t budge. A stone in the casing? Has something swollen up on getting wet? Am I missing something obvious, has this happened to anyone else before? Any advice appreciated.

    Colin Parkstone

    Sounds to me like the centreboard Has swollen or a part of it.

    When you sailed the boat did the board get stiffer as the day went on,if so it could that.

    Is the boat wood or GRP, if wood the box sides could have swollen also as often when a boat is out of the water a long time the paint will come away from the wood and leave it bare,open to the water!

    I would mark the centreboard so as to help find the bolt hole again,remove the board and have a lookat it,the box sides and also the keel each side of the slot for bare wood.
    Could turn the boat on its side on grass and see the centreboard in action which may highlight the problem.

    Good Luck CP 😕

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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