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    For racing and measurement purposes do woodies have to have the original plate to show the builder and hull number or is the requirement only that the hull number just carved into the wood on the transom, ie: Can the measurer issue the certificate with out the plate or can a new plate be issued ?

    Rule 36.2 seems to imply the plate it is a necessity but the certification woodie form seems to imply the requirement might be superceded by an official measurer. http://wayfarer.org.uk/uploads/mk1_measatt_23_1.pdf http://wayfarer.org.uk/uploads/mk1wooddeclatt_23_2.pdf

    The reason I ask is I’m looking at a woodie in need of some restoration as a possible club racer but it has no plate.

    Colin Parkstone

    The plate is good but you may have to have it measured after the work anyway depending on what work you do.
    Ask Sarah if the boat has had a measurment form before ?


    Mine just about has the number stenciled in the transom, The builders plate is long since gone…. As Colin says, as long as its been measured then it should be fine.


    The license plate is not related to the measurement. It shows only that copyrights have been paid. There are many boats out there without a measurement certificate but with a license plate. In a strict legal sense boats without a license plate are no Wayfarers. Only boats with a license can be measured. If copyrights have already been paid the copyright holder will issue a new plate at cost. You can get a new plate from the copyright holder through the UKWA secretary.

    Having said that, a measurement form is obtained by having your boat measured. However, the UKWA secretary has copies of all UK measurement forms ever made. If your boat has already been measured you can ask the secretary for a copy of the forms and a for new certificate but more important, your boat does not need to be re-measured. So, what you probably need to do is ask Sarah for a new licence plate and a measurement certificate, pay a few pounds and fix the plate to your boat. Only mayor repairs to the hull may prevent a new measurement certificate from being issued (see class rules).

    In the unlikely event a license has never been issued you would have to pay the full license fee to the copyright holder to obtain a sail number. But if a sail number has already been carved in to the transom this seems highly unlikely.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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