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    Colin Parkstone

    Anyone thinking of going to Ireland this September ?

    What is the cheapest ferry trip or any deals going ?

    C P 😀


    yes we’ll be going. yet to research ferries etc but will be taking the camper van. let us know if you hear of any good deals.


    One for the Road will be there !!


    I use the ferries all the time – in the opposite direction.

    It all depends where you are coming from.

    When I travel to theSouth of England – often using the UK as a landbridge – it is more convenient to use the Soiuth Wales ports – Pembroke or Fishguard. There is dual caraige-way all the way except for the last 15/20 miles. But as all the trafic is going towards the ferry there are no major problems. The 02.30 sailings are a bit depressing – there is a long wait between closing time and getting on the boat!

    I find the slog up past Birmingham to Merseyside and then out along the N. Wales coast too congested. The drive from Rosslare to Skerries wuld take a couple of hours – avoid rush hours as we have the M50, the local version of the M25, bit twice as bad, to get round Dublin

    From the Midlands and points North then Holyhead is the quickest way to go. The conventional ferry lands you iun Dublin, with a tunnel leading out of town straight on to the motorway heading North. The HSS takes you to Dun Laoghaire. Most people then get lost trying to find their way towards the rest of Ireland!

    I recently experimented the Norfolk Line service from Liverpool. THe night boat is a pleasant trip, leaving Birkenhead at 22.00 and, after a good nights sleep, landing in Dublin at about 6 the next morning.

    I would not reccomend trying any of the routes via Belfast.


    Colin Parkstone

    Thanks for the info Gordan.
    What about costs,do you find much difference between the companies and times of sailings ??
    CP 😀


    On costs – the slow ferries are cheaper, especially for trailers.

    If several boats are coming on the same ferry it might be worth trying to do a deal with the ferry company.

    I try to avoid Irish Ferries, but only because the sacked all their Irish staff and now employ Eastern European agency workers who are paid less than the minimum wage.


    Colin Parkstone

    Thanks Gordon,I will go along with you on the Irish Ferries view if I can??


    Hello All

    I thought I’d chip in on a issue that doesn’t involve the latest generation of our choice of sailing boat.. just to say the crossing into N Ireland rather than into the South is a good option too, obviously depending on your starting point. There are frequent and shorter crossings, the drive down South is then on very good, pretty quiet, brand new roads. There is an overnight from Liverpool which tends to be a truckers boat, a bit of shopping around on the web can result in affordable options. Good luck with the ticket shopping 🙂

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