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    I’ve recently purchased the Navionics app to use for ease of reference when navigating in our Wayfarer (in addition to paper charts).

    Is anyone familiar with it? It’s bamboozling me. The main thing I’m trying to establish is whether it is possible to select two destinations on the chart and for the app to provide me with a course to steer – i.e. a proper course to steer accounting for tide. This would of course mean that the app needs all of the tidal stream data – I presume it has this because it seems capable of giving set and rate at any given location.

    Anyone know? Thanks!


    I use navionics on an iPhone – challenging my increasingly long sight to its limits – mainly for reference, planning, and occasionally to give myself a bearing or, to negotiate potential reefs/rocks. Fundoctor has used the navionics to give a course to steer, but I think he’s away at the mo.
    As far as I know what you need to do is input a route (could be as simple as where you are now and your next waypoint) and then press Start.
    good luck with it. Its actually very impressive software (even at the new higher price) but does take a lot of playing around to discover all the features – there don’t appear to be instructions on how to use it anywhere!!
    Boris W6330

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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