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    I have recently exchanged emails with a Wayfarer who sails in the Med. Sometimes there are strongish winds and there is no safety boat provision. He adapts his procedure from what is applicable to larger boats.
    In one of the Day Skipper books he was working through the following was suggested as good practice. Should there be a MOB situation an immediate Pan-Pan should be sent to warn nearby vessels (and in the UK the CG) that a serious situation might develop.
    He adapts this good practice to the inversion of a Wayfarer. Before starting to attempt to put the dinghy back into a sailing condition the crew should send a Pan-Pan while sitting on the upturned boat. Should the boat be put back into sailing condition the Pan-Pan can be cancelled. If a Mayday becomes necessary then the nearby vessels will hopefully still be listening.
    This idea has not come to my attention before and perhaps others might have something to add.
    John R. W5811

    Bob Harland

    My view is that one should make a judgement on each situation.
    Putting out a pan-pan as the first action after inversion? – I cannot see that’s going to be appropriate very often. It would be quite time consuming – you’ve got to find the VHF radio, then attempt to make contact with the coast Guard and then explain the situation. And whether you subsequently right the dinghy or not you then have to go back to the coastguard……

    It’s all very well for a yacht with a VHF radio with unlimited battery power and 25mile transmission range to put out a pan-pan from the shelter of their cabin. It’s a different situation from a dinghy – inverted or otherwise.

    I would suggest that anyone concerned about inversion fits a device at the top of the mast to prevent it happening.
    Reef early and sail conservatively – that’s the best way to keep the mast pointing up at the sky.

    Bob Harland


    Thank you for posting your views.

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