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    Hi all

    I have bought myself an Andersen self bailer to install in my mk2. Just the one for now, in the event of a capsize I will sail on starboard tack until the water is mostly gone, and maybe fit another later.

    The installation instructions aren’t very detailed though and I have a couple of questions to ask of anyone who has done this before:

    1) the instructions say to seal the hull around the cutout.  I imagine taking a jigsaw to fibreglass will result in a furry, messy edge, and that I should file and sand this as smooth as possible and then maybe put some thickened epoxy along the edge, does this sound right?

    2) any advice on optimum location?  I’m thinking quite close to the centreboard case, maybe 10mm from the inside drill holes to the case.  And maybe about 100mm aft of the pivot bolt?

    Any advice much appreciated

    Bob Harland

    Hi, what you are planning for sealing the fibreglass around the cutout seems good.

    We have a wood wayfarer and the forward edge of the bailer is around 600mm aft of the centreboard pivot bolt, and it is close to the centreline – about 10mm from the timber surround of the centreboard case.
    I think the hull here will be a bit flatter. But I guess its not too important as long as it is close to the centreline.

    hope that helps


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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