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    Jim Abram

    Hi everyone

    after a long break, I have returned to  wayfarers and hope to join in with a cruise or two.

    I am Interested in ideas for installing a topping lift, and would welcome all ideas.

    thank you




    The top section of your mast above the hounds is quite thin and bendy. With a topping lift that goes to the top of your mast there is a chance that if you stumble and fall on the boom the top of your mast could bend permanantly. I fitted one at the hounds which worked well but have since removed it as I did not like the way the sail draped from the boom into the boat. Not a problem in light winds but when it is windy there is a lot of sail area below the boom and the sail can be blown over the side of the boat or make the boat veer about.

    Andrew Morrice

    We have had a topping lift on Delphy for 10 years.  fitted to a block at the top of the mast, with a 2:1 purchase to adjust length and a simple cleat on the mast.  Certainly you don’t want to fall onto the boom with the lift engaged, and yes in theory you could damage the mast this way, and you need to set it loose enough when sailing for it not to interfere with your sail shape.

    We have never regretted having it.  Our boom seldom if ever crashes into the boat, and it makes reefing easier.

    ‘Boris’ W6330.  (cruising secretary)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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