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    I’ll be arriving at Grafham on Friday PM ( to study the tidal currents !! )

    How many others of you plan to do the same ??

    The Wheatsheaf in Perry is within walking distance and ,I recall ,serves a

    good meal !

    I propose to book a table at 8PM for those of you who indicate your presence

    ( and I’ll buy the wine )

    Hate eating alone !!

    Let me know by 28th May on this thread


    Dave Bevan

    Nic and I will be there – it’s our home club.

    Registration from 0930 on Saturday, Briefing 1100.
    Tents and motorhomes welcome, booking required (sorry, no caravans)

    Club website


    Entry form


    Had a request for a 7PM meal instead of 8 -OK for you ?



    Bobbie and I will be arriving Friday pm for the Inlands – hoping to camp in style, but probably tenting it again (cue howling cold wet winds).

    With memories of a certain “Lord’s” do at the Viking near Falmouth, all I can say is, you keep it flowing and we’ll try to keep downing it!

    Any time of the evening for the meal will be OK, as long as we remember the torch and where we pitched the tent!

    I hope you have some new tales to tell – everyone’s heard all of mine.
    Brian and Bobbie W10614 Still Gamboling

    Dave Bevan

    Afraid we won’t be there on Friday night, but looking forward to meeting you all on Saturday. Camping allowed for visitors only 🙁

    Wheatsheaf is very good.


    It was the Norway actually Brian but Viking is close for anyone our age !!


    So far there are 5 for dinner at the wheatsheaf and I have confirmed that number ( Cath and Tracey , Brian and Bobbie and me )

    If any one else wants to join us at 7pm just ring the wheatsheaf 01480 810253 and add yourselves to the Chaplin table .

    Are there any plans for Saturday night ??


    Well for those of you who missed this weekend it was a great event! Sunshine, wind and an interesting evening at the local pub!!
    As for the results they couldn’t be closer, after 5 races we had 5 different 1st places leaving it to the very last race as the decider. 1st with 13pts Mike Mac, 2nd with 14pts Martin Collen, 3rd with 15pts Gordon Harris.

    So having had such a great weekend I was left wondering why we only had 13 entries? Was it the venue? With it being so close to the east coast clubs I would have expected a bigger turnout, can anyone shed any light on this?

    Anyway we’re looking forward to Weymouth and hope to see you all there.

    Dave Bevan

    Congratulations to Mike & his crew, and the runners-up.

    Despite not being competitive and suffering a series of spinnaker-related problems, Nic and I thoroughly enjoyed the Inlands. If nothing else, the experience/practice should help our club racing, and I’m looking forward to another open when childcare and diary allow!

    We were disappointed but not completely suprised to be the only Grafham boat, although we did expect there would be other ‘first-timers’ like us to offer a bit of action at the back (or was there, and we’ve got even more to learn than we thought :cry:).

    My only observations would be that the Inlands co-incided with the end of half-term shool holidays, and the inlands, westerns and southerns are all compressed into a five week period, followed by a 6 week gap until the nationals! We were lucky that we could get grandparents to look after our children for the weekend – that wouldn’t have been quite so easy for us for an away-race.

    Colin Parkstone

    I can only say that personally this year I see that the Open calender has more in it than last and I am sorry to say I just cannot afford it.

    In the past I have enjoyed many opens and have raced in many different places with great people and i miss doing that again this year!

    We have a great championship coming up in Falmouth and I am looking forward to that immensely.

    I thank the orgarnisers of the opens for all the work they do for us but the list is just to long, six opens is to many for me to finance and a championship us well.

    So when something has to give,it will be the places I have recently been to before,even if they were great fun the last time,just makes sense!

    The average age of a wayfarer owner is on the older side at the moment and lots of thoes people have done many things with the class over the years.
    My hope is that the new boat will bring to the class a younger age group who will continue the ways of the class and take it forward past my time in the class and get from the boat as much as we have!!

    C P 🙂

    ps, just a point,if you look at the number of viewings of this thread you will see about 455 listed. Now that showes to me a big interest in the opens but is it from people who miss going or is there anyway they could be encouraged to go? If Not, How?

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