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    Hi all,
    I am considering purchasing an inflatable tender and wondered what others are using, size, make, etc. Where are they stored, how easy to inflate/deflate. Any information will be useful in making a decision.
    Thanks, Vince. W7584



    We carry a cheap beach inflatable (ca £10) in the rear tank which in good wayfaring traditions serves dual roles as something for the kids (big and small ones) to play with on the beach and as a tender (wouldn’t want to go very far in it though or in strong current / winds). It only weighs a couple of kg and is very quick and easy to pump up and deflate as it has the valves that you unscrew and remove to enable it to be deflated quickly (some of the cheap beach inflatables dont have this kind of valve and are a nightmare to deflate and pack away). I think anything that falls into the ‘yacht tender’ category is going to be somewhere in the region of 20kg and take up a substantial amount of room – I had thought it would be nice to have the option to transfer the outboard onto a ‘proper’ tender but couldn’t justify the extra weight and bulk.

    Hope thats of some help.



    Thanks, will look into that type of inflatable.


    We have used a Sevlor Tahiti inflatable canoe – loads on ebay – 10Kg – £90. Its brilliant and tows really well and is really seaworthy carrying two people. Also has large valves for quick deflation. Is brilliant for getting to mooring and fun to paddle including in quite heavy surf. You can look at website – they’ve been around for ages and I think there are three chambers.Packs quite small – would go in rear locker – we tend to leave it on mooring or tow. Its much, much more seaworthy than a kids dinghy. We got a bright yellow one but I think they also do green!!


    Hi Robert
    Thanks for reply I have had a look on ebay. Do you use one with seats, if so are they removeable or fixed in
    Thanks Vince


    Yes it has seats and they are removeable. Get one! They are brilliant fun. Even though they are pvc they are very strong and we have even had our sheepdog in it. The box it comes in shows some pretty wild rivers. For a pump we got a plunger type which is pretty quick and also has the facility to suck so that you can completely empty the canoe of air before packing it away. We’ve used either double or single paddles with it


    Pump is called “double action hand pump sevylor”

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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