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    Tim McEwan

    Hi.  I have just taken delivery of a 3-year-old Mk 4 with an asymmetric.  I have no ‘handbook’ or instructions and I am trying to rig it so the whole hoisting operation happens in one swift movement with the pole extending etc.  I can’t find any video or image online which shows me how to rig it all together.  I have managed to hoise and connect the downhaul so it is pulled into the bow but have not managed to work out how to connect the pole so it extends and packs away.  Is there an idiots guide to this out there somewhere?


    Thanks everyone.

    Bob Harland

    Hi, we had a W World 10 years ago with asymmetric. As I recall there was a control line from inboard end of the pole forward to a turning block and then back to a clam cleat. This would extend the pole out. But I guess you already worked that out.

    We found the asymmetric a useful sail in light airs cruising.

    Most of the Wayfarer info is for conventional spinnakers. There is general dinghy info that might be more useful – try google on say “asymmetric spinnaker handling dinghy” For the other classes asymmetrics are more mainstream racing.

    hope that helps

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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