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    Hello all,

    Just got myself a blue Wayfarer! Started off sailing with Covenanter camps in the Camel estuary in Cornwall in the mid 70’s in a GP14 and a Mirror, did a few summers on half-deckers on the Norfolk Broads 80’s, had a few years off, picked up windsurfing 90’s and now a few years later getting back into sailing!

    It was a slippery slope … Started helping out at my son’s schools sailing club (Bury Lake Young Mariners at Rickmansworth) a couple of years ago, did my RYA powerboat L2 last year and Asst dinghy instructor this year. Started looking for an old WF and then the club bought lots of shiny new ones, and I got distracted… bought it 2 weeks before summer hols so inaugural trip was back down to Cornwall for 2 weeks on the Camel estuary. Neat circle 🙂

    “I saw you with Rita!” said my neighbour. I looked surprised, “I don’t know a Rita” I started, then seeing the funny side of it (he is French after all) “It wasn’t me …I wasn’t there!” haha after our respective wifes joined us, “Rita …the boat!” Well the cover was hiding the ‘K’ of ‘Kita’ but if gave us a laugh and the wife a chance to practice the ‘raised eyebrows, you might just be in trouble’ look 🙄

    Looking forward to learning lots from you good people!

    Roger & Rita..


    Hi Roger and Rita (and W10086)

    Welcome, generally the forum are a very friendly and helpful bunch.

    It’s a small world. We are members of Broadwater in Harefield, a few miles south of Ricky and also Rock Water Ski and Sailing Club. The Camel is wonderful, so long as you can navigate the moorings and dodge the Padstow Ferry. We were down in mid August and did spot a MkIV, on a mooring so wonder if this was W10086?

    We take our MKII down at least once a year and sometimes take part in Camel Week, or Round the Island as it is normally ideal conditions. We had great fun this year in F6-7 winds, but sadly the racing was abandonned.

    Enjoy your new Wayfarer and maybe see her somewhere in Herts/Bucks or on the Camel.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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