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    I really hate engines – many things to go wrong beyond the control of the basic DIYer. While my 3.3HP Mariner 2-stroke is in intensive care after “failure to start” I am eye-ing up a DT2.5 Suzuki 4-stroke. On a typical cruise I may never or occasionally use the engine and like to keep it well out of sight. The Mariner snucks in beautifully under the seats on S/Board side in front of the thwart. My issue – according to my measurements the Suzuki will not fit in that space. The throttle handle makes the unit 13” height and there is only 11′ under my seating. Foiled? One thought is to take the handle off and replace before use. The guy in the shop was against this proposal. Has anyone ideas for storing a small 4-stroke out of sight under the front seats? Cheers Trev

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