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    Alison Corfield

    How do I set the spreader angle for a Mark 1?

    Do I drill and bolt through the spreader and bracket? There are 2 preset holes in the bracket but these don’t then align the spreaders to the right angle.



    Web Team

    Hi Alison – although it doesn’t cover much of the physical process of adjustment, I wondered if you might find some useful information in the article that I’ve recently uploaded here – you need to be logged in.



    Alison Corfield

    Thanks Dave – that is a really interesting article and useful as I come to set up my boat.


    Dave Barker

    Hi Ali,

    My non-expert take would be that you have three options:-

    • Adjust the existing spreaders to get them as close to the specified measurements as they can be.
    • Modify them, perhaps re-drilling as part of the process.
    • Replace the spreaders with some more easily adjustable ones

    It all depends where your priorities lay in your ongoing improvements to the boat…

    Stainless steel is very hard, and so is fairly difficult to drill, especially in situ (even with the mast down). Personally I would instead seek advice from someone who has replaced theirs, to see whether you could fit replacement adjustable spreaders to your existing bracket. That would go some way to making the replacement process quicker, simpler and more affordable. I’ll try to get a photo of ours tomorrow for comparison…

    [time passes]

    … and here it is:-

    It looks from this as though you might be able to retain your main bracket but you would at the very least have to pop rivet onto the mast the pair of little brackets/feet at the end of each of the adjuster legs (if you were to decide to replace the spreaders). You’d need to double-check this though. Sorry I can’t be more help.


    Alison Corfield

    Thank you that is really helpful, I wasn’t aware you could get the little brackets.


    Dave Barker

    I think I’ve misled you. I don’t think you can just fit the adjustment brackets – they would come as part of a new pair of spreaders. I meant to say that it would possibly only be the fitting of those brackets to the mast which would necessitate any drilling, if you were able to retain the main bracket. And looking again at the photos I’m not so optimistic about even that now…


    Andrew Morrice

    Just a thought about this.  Alison your mast and boom look like quite old versions.  The rig tuning guides like Dave’s and that in the W-book, are written for the modern Selden mast (or very similar) with the fully adjustable spreaders shown in Dave’s pictures.  Without these you may only be able to aproximate your mast set-up to the “standard”.  My feeling is that so long as the pin is loose, you have pre-bend of the right sort of amount, the mast is not raked too far forward and the rig is tensioned to close to 140kg it is unlikely you’ll notice any problems unless you are racing very competitively.


    hope this is helpful!



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