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    Bob Harland

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    Glyn Wright

    Hi guys, Just joined and have also just purchased my first Wayfarer.  Obviously, I have lots of questions but first, an intro….

    I have been sailing for about 15 years and have had the luxury of a roof over my head and have cruised the Irish Sea from North Wales. My wish is to, again, cruise the Irish Sea in my Wayfarer (possibly even take her by road to some destinations in Europe).

    However, having bought the boat over winter then moth-balled her until now, I am struggling to get to terms with rigging her correctly. I have looked at many images of Wayfarers on the inter web to hopefully gain inspiration and knowledge to enable me to set the controls properly and rationally. There are what seem to be so many ways to rig a wayfarer which is dependant upon what it was used for, cruising or/and racing etc. Then there is the aspect of, what year was it built and which Model is it?

    Therefore, if there is anyone out there who can offer any help, advise and support in this matter, I would be eternally grateful.

    Dave Barker

    Hi Glyn, and welcome!

    To post a new topic you need to be logged in (which you have already sorted out) and then go to the most relevant section of the forum, scroll down to the bottom of the page and then type a suitable title into the box marked “Topic Title” and some text etc into the larger box below that. When you press “Submit” your topic will be uploaded. That’s it.

    In answer to your rigging question I would strongly recommend purchasing a copy of The Wayfarer Book from our shop section here on the website. In conjunction with this forum you’ll be able to get answers to almost anything.

    Glyn Wright

    Hi guys, many thanks for your assistance. Look forward to meeting up some day (hopefully, with a fully and correctly rigged Wayfarer). Cheers Glyn

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