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    A friend has bought a very well used ex-sailing school Mk2 Wayfarer for very small money. It’s a bit rough around the edges, as I’m sure you can imagine. Having sailed it for a bit, we have discovered that the lower part of the tabernacle at the junction of the mast step and centreboard extension moulding has broken loose. It had been repaired before and this has given way.

    We have a couple of questions we are hoping more experienced Wayfarers can answer regarding the attachment of the tabernacle to the centre-board.

    Is the foot of the tabernacle on a MK2 normally glued in place and then the mast step screwed down over it to keep it in place, or?, is the foot of the tabernacle held in place simply by the mast step being screwed in place.
    Has anyone done a repair on similar boat?

    Sail no. is 7151 or 7121 on the data plate, I can’t remember exactly, and looks exactly like my own which was built by Moores of Wroxham circa 1980-82.

    Thanks for any replies.

    Regards davdor7038


    Hello Davdor, similar story with mine though not anywhere near as serious. Bought this “scrapper” W7059 which makes it very similar in age to yours and which was built by Smallcraft. Did notice, towards the end of my labours, that the tabernackle when viewed from the transom, sloped quite seriously [ 4degrees or so] to port where it met the centreboard overhang/mast step area.
    This indicated to me that at sometime during the boats life that the centreboard caseing had been severly stressed. Sure enough, after scraping off the paint on the hull near the c/b slot underneath it was obvious a serious repair had been carried out but seemed sound so I decided to live with it.
    This is going to affect the mast position, as[ unaware of the slope at the time] I set the mast step to line up with the c/b slot which must be about 10 mm to port, and while doing this I noticed that the tabernackle was bonded to the caseing overhang area with a clear rubbery substance and that there was no connection with the step itself. I am sailing her now and everything seems fine, but I don’t think I will be racing.
    Hope that last bit of info helps.
    Redsky 7059 Pete

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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