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    We capsized our wayfarer world twice in the last month. I think the water came through the inspection hatches, which I have since put vaseline on. The centre board bolt seems to be ok. There is now water between the deck and and hull which can be heard when the boat is rocked.

    The water appears to be somewhere in the centre section.

    We have opened the bung between the centre section and the front section of the boat and got a lot of water out that way. We even hung the boat by the transom from a fork lift and that got a lot more water out.

    When we lifted the boat by the front to put it back on the trailor there was more water in the back compartment, which probably came from the middle section.

    But still there is still the sound of water between the decks.

    Does anyone have any ideas how to get the water out or has any one had this problem before.

    Regards Rosemary and John 🙁

    Bob Harland

    If you don’t have a drainage hole in the transom then I would recommend that you fit one.
    We fitted one in our Wayfarer World after similar difficulties in removing water. It is fairly easy to do – I would suggest that you drill a pilot hole first – just to make sure it is in the best position. There are some drainage sockets with captive bungs e.g. RWO R2066

    It is usually necessary to sponge the last of the water out through the inspection hatches – but most will come out through a drainage hole in the transom.

    hope that helps



    Just for completeness, I received the following from Porters in response to my query:

    There are three buoyancy tanks –
    1. The obvious foretank which runs from a ring frame under the mast to the
    stem of the boat – this is drained by sponging the water out of the central
    hatch in front of the mast.
    2. Everything from the ring frame to the transom which is drained by the
    bung in the transom which is also accessed by the hatch in the rudder post.
    3. Lastly there is an under floor tank which is drained by the bung in the
    ring frame which is located under the mast in the fore tank – empty the fore
    tank – leave the boat bow down – remove bung and see if water comes out. If
    its in there but does not come out it will be because there is no air
    entering the tank and so it creates a vacuum and stops the water coming out.
    One inserts a small pipe (like a fish pond aerator pipe) and blow air in.
    Normally this tank should get no water into it but sometimes people try and
    drain the fore tank into this area because they do not understand the

    Note from the above there are no side tanks – the hatches in the front area
    allow the laminators to ensure that the jointing paste has spread around the
    ring frame physically.

    I hope this clears up the lay – out of the tanks;

    I hope you managed to get all the water out in the end…


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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