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    Does anyone know how I should remove my centreboard to carry out periodic checks on its condition? I have a MkIV Wayfarer. Perhaps I’m just being a bit dim here and the answer is obvious.


    Confused of Derbyshire

    Bob Harland

    I am guessing it is like our Wayfarer World. In which case there will be a hook cut out of the board and a metal plate screwed over the cut out.

    This is how we used to do it;
    Boat off the trolley onto some nice soft grass and lift onto it’s side – with the mast up.
    Secure the jib or spinnaker halyard to the ground to keep the boat in position.
    Lower the centreboard.
    Remove plate and lift board off the pivot pivot pin.

    hope that helps.


    I had a look around briefly during a capsize drill but couln’t see a metal plate to unscrew. Is yours on the leading or trailing edge? How is the pivot point connected?

    By the way, I was very pleased that my 7stone son could bring the boat back up on his own after the capsize! It was very calm and I had fitted a mast head buoyancy patch to reduce the chances of a rapid inversion.

    Bob Harland

    the plate would have been on the leading edge, it is a few years since we did it, but you may need the centre board up to reveal the metal plate.
    Once the plate is removed, lower the centreboard and it will move aft and off the pivot.
    The pivot bolt is permanently glassed into the hull of the boat.
    It is possible that things are different on the Mark IV, but assuming you cannot see the pivot bolt from within the boat then I think you will have a similar arrangement.



    I dropped my boat off at the Hartley factory to have a centre main fitted and while I was there, they showed me an unfitted keel. It looked just as you described.

    Actually the service from them was first class. Their main concern was that they could do the job in between weekends so that I wouldn’t miss any chances to sail!


    Interesting thread. I’m trying to convert my MkI centreboard to fit a World. Could really do with a photo or drawing to show how the ‘hook’ works. Also it sounds like I will need to buy or make a metal part that screws over the leading edge to stop the board from falling out- is this part readily available? What does the World centreboard actually look llike?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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