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    Hi and Happy New Year to anyone out there prepared to recommend a good family holiday destination I can trail our Wayfarer to………in Europe.
    Personally I am more than happy with the UK (or Ireland) but my other half needs the sunshine guaruntee!

    We have done Brittany (still too much of a gamble for the weather) and have been down to a big lake near Bordeaux (Lake Sanguinet) (fantastic) but we need a new venue. Having read the magazine I am half tempted (inspired) to trail to Croatia……..(my poor boat). Lake Garda is also an option………..what is important is nice sandy beaches for young swimmers….laid back (peaceful) campsites even better

    All opinions welcome……..that would include experiences of hiring dinghies for day sailing……….or relaxed sailing tuition centres where my daughter (aged 14) can vent her frustrations at low paid instructors instead of me….


    Hi Dave,
    Ralph Roberts sailed the French Med coast last year – I’m sure he wouldn’t mind a ring for details. I am sure he mentioned sandy beaches and swimming to me.


    Thanks Matt. I will get in touch with Ralph………I have been to the French Med before but a significant part of me is concerned with it being August and mellow? Having just read your Scottish cruise I know where I’d rather be……….(Scotland)
    cheers Dave


    The Italian lakes have very limited public acces – no secluded beaches for the hoi-poloi!

    The French Riviera is horribly (as in excessively and in the worst taste) built up.

    I would choose, from second-hand accounts Corsica which can be fantastic, or Croatia.

    of course West Cork would be ideal -especially as next summer is supposed to be a scorcher. There is a sailing school in West Cork with a small fleet of Wayfarers, that might be a good place to start.



    Belated thanks for your reply Gordon. I share your reservations about the Med and have avoided Lake Garda…(too far and not sure the edge of the lake really offers the sandy beaches we need)…….we’re going back to Lake Sanguinet but at least sailing there (well ferry to Santander) plus the good bit….booked a week camping and sailing out of Fowey (Cornwall).

    I am still interested in any one else’s opinions……..please offer your advice even if it is months after the last posting (there is always next year to think about!)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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