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    Happy New Year All.
    I have posted a question on the Cruising section that has some general interest. …Good holiday destinations outside the UK required.
    Let me know what my impossible (to satisfy) family need (apart from a non-sailing holiday)!……..ages 14, 12,6 and 6 and rapidly ageing forty somethings.

    I am looking for a sailing venue…..


    Although this request is quite old, I have 2 thoughts
    The first is Turkey, where someone from our club has a house and a Wayfarer. I haven’t been but his phone number is: 02072864843, Chris Ridley.

    The second is the British Virgin islands if you are into long distance stuff.

    Good luck



    Thanks Roy. Its never too late to suggest holiday destinations ….there is always next year. So still up for more replies, although I did get some good ones on the cruising section. Like the majority of Wayfarer sailors I don’t think you can beat the UK coastline but my wife and crew demand the weather garuntee……..ah well………in the meantime Chichester tomorrow for the first sail of the year………about time!
    PS I’ll bear Turkey in mind ……..the British Virgin Islands will have to wait until we downsize the family!
    cheers Dave


    Hi Dave, I know it’s not abroad, but Instow in North Devon is excellent, loads to do for children and forty somethings, sandy beach, bike trail, surfing beaches and two good pubs a short walk, and of course the estuary for sailing



    Cheers Johny ……..Instow looks a fab destination, I’ve always overlooked that estuary as I’ve been to Croyde numerous times for the surf…………suffice it to say we get into family politics as my in-laws are in Cornwall and if we have got that far west we are under pressure to keep going…..therefore we end up sailing at Rock nr. Wadebridge and this summer at Fowey. Along with Salcombe you have put Instow on my must check out list. PS Good luck with teaching the kids / mast issue.

    Apparently the first sail of the season is always the worst and I can confirm this after a wonderful incident packed Sunday sail with our standard 6 in the boat……….one of our six year old twins kept yelling “I want a wee” while in his wetsuit while I was desperately scraping against the tide and no wind for the last 200 yards……….you know how sound travels over the water on a tranquil evening… then my teenage daughter furled the genoa ‘cos she felt like it…..thank God for outboards….my pride was gone. cheers Dave


    I assume you have seen the ads in the latest Wayfarer News. They look delightful so long as the rain holds off!

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