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    Has anyone got some advice to a newbie Wayfarer Racer on how to avoid getting spinnker twist?

    I would guess on at least a 1/3rd of hoists the spinnaker is coming up with a twist, which apart from annoying in some instances takes some serious tugging of sheet and guy to sort.

    Do you have to take particular care when stuffing the spinnaker into the bags?

    Any hints and tips would be appreciated.


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    I’m no expert – especially with spinakers but… I was taught to pack a spin by putting the three corners together (matching the red/green markings) and then make sure that you run your hand down each edge to check for twists. You then hold the corners together and stuff the rest of the sail in the bag – then put the three corners into the bag just poking out so that the ropes can be tied on. After the first launch the sail should be untwisted (assuming it flew right) so it should be ok to stuff the sail into the bag when you recover it – the ropes are still attached so it shouldn’t twist.

    We normally find that if it’s twisted we find out on the 1st launch – we try to have a test hoist before the race start to make sure it’s ok.



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    This seemed to work for us most of the time:
    To drop spinnaker when out sailing, crew grabs corner nearest him then gathers up foot of sail to just past the centre. Helm then releases spinnaker halyard as crew pulls spinnaker down and into the bag, leaving the corners out till last. In this way the spinnaker should come down with no twists.
    Happy spinnakering!


    That sounds about right to me too. crew unclips pole and guy, grabs a couple of armfuls of foot, then as halyard released, pull down bulk of sail, followed by remains of foot; in all about six armfulls of spinnaker. The best way of avoiding twist is to make sure that it is not twisted before the first hoist, ie. whilst still on the beach. If the helm controls the spinnaker sheet lightly after hoisting, that avoids the sail getting in a tangle whilst the crew sets the pole.


    Thanks everyone for the helpful advice.

    Is there any benefit in pre-cleating the guy with regards reducing the chances of spinnaker twist


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