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    Sean Fitzpatrick

    Hi I am Sean from Derbyshire,we sail at Carsington.We borrowed a Wayfarer World because water levels were very low for our Keel boat.We have a blast with the boat sailing with my eldest son,the Bedlington Terrier and friends over the summer.
    We just got a Proctor Plus S W9962. We are hoping to race,and cruise my lad is on the stick and I am the ballast.
    Please say Hello and look out for us at Carsington we usually sail most weekends,hopefully it is the Plus first outing tomorrow.
    We are giving the new boat a refit a good general tidy up and some new sails/covers.
    I sailed Grads,Ents,Lasers and a Minisail Sprint.and then moved on too small keelboats.
    The Wayfarer has got me back in a dinghy and is great fun!

    Dave Barker

    Hi Sean – welcome to UKWA and our Forum!

    Good luck with that – predicted force 5/6 gusting 8…

    Sean Fitzpatrick

    Yes the wind and the wise,decided it was too rough today had a nice lunch then gave the boat a bath,sure it was meant to be, forgot wallet and sailing gear this morning …..


    Sean, welcome to the class and welcome back to dinghies.

    I sail at Swarkestone Sailing Club, south Derbyshire, we have 5 wayfarers here, 2 sail regularly in a menagerie fleet.

    I assume you are already aware of Hartley Boats in Derby, if not make yourself known down there, if your lucky enough to catch one of the Hartley’s use them they are a wealth of information and more than happy to see Wayfarers in the local area doing well. I’m pretty sure the Commodore at Carsington, Steve, run’s the chandlery at Hartleys.

    If you need any info let me know, I probably wont know the answer!, but will be able to point you in the right direction.

    Best of luck

    Nigel O’Donnell – Trophy Sec

    previous 9144 – 10974 and current 11189

    Sean Fitzpatrick

    Hi Nigel,yes we use Hartleys and they are very helpful,passed Swarkestone lots of times but never sailed there.Steve handed over the post to Gerry who pursuaded us to give the club wayfarer a go! Please let us know if you organise any Wayfarer events.


    Will do.

    There is a plan to have a Wayfarer open in the offing, but nothing concrete as yet.

    In the meantime we have an open regatta over the late August holiday every year, and you are more than welcome to join us for any of the Sunday Racing as a guest.

    Contact me at


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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