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    Just bought a Mk 2 Wayfarer after years of spending far too much on bigger boats. Read all sorts on the web, looks like a lot more fun/£ with the W’. She looks pretty tidy though the rig is a bit tired. Hope to say hi in person once we start cruising. Mike & Sam.


    Hi Guys
    Delighted to hear you have gone and got yourself a Wayfarer.
    From my own experience I would say that there is a real mix of people on this Forum, plenty asking questions of ‘how do you…’ along with a great mix of people who are really keen to share ‘I find doing it this way works well for me’.
    There are also a real mix of boats, in varying conditions! so do not stress if you feel yours is ‘Tired’ as many of us are – in our own way – trying to get them a little more up to date than they are at the moment.
    I tend to find most people post in one or more of the Technical/Cruising/Racing topics, so you will get most responses when you post there.
    I would also say that if you come from bigger boats, you are very likely to find the freedom of the Wayfarer very welcome. You are in the open, not too stressed about depth, and can launch pretty much anywhere.
    Good luck, and I hope you enjoy time with your new family member!


    Cheers for the welcome, We’re getting sorted for the Farnes cruise, added 2 slab reefs to the main sail yesterday, just got to source the cheek blocks for the boom now. We’re already finding distinct advantages with the Wayfarer, not least being able to tow it pretty much anywhere. Roll on summer. Mike.


    Welcome you two!

    Try using boom slides with tied blocks initially – helps by allowing repositioning, and can also be fairly permanent!



    Hi David. ScallyWagg has the old oval boom with no slides, she was roller reefed when I got her. I’ll try a few positions before fixing anything permanent. Mast and boom been through the wars I think in the past so looking for temporary fix untill I get chance to ask Santa for some new ones 😆 Regards, Mike & Sam.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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