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    Hi there,
    I’ve just acquired a Wayfarer MkII project. A couple of questions.

    Where can I get a Starboard front bench from?

    Which combi- trailer do people recommend without breaking the bank (or the bilge “floors” which I’ve just spent the last 6 weeks relaminating in…..




    Any boatbuilders nearby – could make you a new bench?
    I bought a West Mersea trailer, but they then went bust. I think they have been taken over though. Ralph Roberts has a decent, simple and not too expensive trailer made by beccles Trailers in Norfolk – worth a look.


    Mersea trailers are still in business:

    I don’t like their standard road base. Get some decent
    wheels and tires if you plan to use it on real roads.

    The standard wheels and tires are too low unless you
    remove the wheels of the trolley every time, something
    that is easily forgotten. Several fellow Wayfarer sailors
    have experienced punctured tires with the standard tires
    in less then a 1000 miles. Make sure to get car tires or
    equivalent quality.

    In short: bigger wheels to get the trolley wheels higher
    up and better tires that don’t puncture easily and are
    capable of at least 60 mph for prolongued periods.
    (Bigger wheels also means les rpm on the bearings).

    I got a decent solution through Porters but I would need
    to check (it’s at the club) what brand it is.


    I got a Wayfarer trailer from Admiral trailers Tiverton Devon also after having to repair the bilge keels…….I have big wheels fitted and have trailed to South of France with boat full of camping gear twice……..it trails beautifully and on French roads happily up to 70 mph +…….got the ticket to prove it. Cost of trailer in the region of ?500 two years ago, cost of the ticket….priceless, particularly when daughter decides to fire digital camera flash in the car at night to generate paranoia (simulating speed camera).

    The bench seat will be a lot more tricky to get hold of…….back copies of the Wayfarer magazine and look at the for sale section, and knock up something home made in the meantime…good luck or buy new from Porters………


    Make sure the trailer with the boat on has the correct nose weight.
    Most cars , I have a Primera , specify 75 KG. I bought a sovern trailer
    the nose weight is only 17 KG. I rachet the bow down but it still breaks straps.
    Jim Byers.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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