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    Just a hi really.
    I am a proud owner of a composite wayfarer. Bought it last year..holed it up for winter and now have it on Alton Water in suffolk.
    Have been out a few times and was reminded why I fell in love with sailing. My first time dinghy sailing for 20 years!
    My intention is to get the kids out (AGED 10, 8, 6)

    Need to get my sail number clarified.
    Would like to message the ‘composite collective’ whose posts I have read.

    I have some questions but will post those in the tech section I think.


    Dave Barker

    Nice one Tim – good to hear of a fellow composite Wayfarerer!


    Welcome on board Tim, Composite Wayfarers are a well kept secret only for the enlightened. Is yours a Mk 1 or 2 ?


    I believe its a mark 1.
    I must do some research into its sail number etc. I will post m ore when I find out.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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