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    Hi everyone.

    Just joined the Association and am finding out as much as I can about cruising in Wayfarers prior to searching for a nice second hand one.

    I have all this lovely coastline to explore!



    Welcome aboard Scorrie!

    what a cruising ground! – we’ll all be looking forward to hearing of your exploits!
    this forum should give you many hours of happy reading, I think its one of the best sailing forums on the web, it will be particularly good in combination with an up to date Wayfarer Book.
    good luck with your search for a boat – seem to be plenty available one way and another – your long winters might lend themselves to woodie-care in the way that us southern softies might resent the time lost. When I last looked you could get superb ex-racing woodies for an absolutely splendid price.

    maybe see you at the cruising conference: we can’t promise arctic conditions again this year, but we can try!

    all best
    Boris W6330 “Delphy”.

    Colin Parkstone

    A Mk1 Porter built ex racer is a good buy for you. You may find that some people will ask silly money for such a boat but it is an older mark now and im sure they only cost about 5k, twenty years ago!

    They were often built with an epoxy coat on them from bare wood, helped to keep then in good order for life.

    Racing boat or not, you can remove the fittings and re fit the boat using the best of the pile for the systems you would want and sell off the rest.

    If you take off a fitting you can drill out the holes with a counter bore and re dowle those holes with same type wood, cut off and sand down that dowle and then varnish or paint the boat again.

    Before you do the vanishing, think about a dry fit out of the boat with the new fittings, cut out any holes needed and drill any pilot hole for fittings first, then remove the fittings and sand and varnish to the last coat.

    Your then have varnish in all the holes and when you screw on the fittings you can put a small amount of varnish on each screw to help the screws seal on bond to the boat.

    Good luck with you search, CP

    Colin Parkstone

    Scorrie, Have you seen the nice Mk 1 wood boat forsale on the class website, looks a nice boat ! No I do not own it or know the owner! Cp

    Colin Parkstone

    How is your search for a boat going Scorrie ???


    Hi Colin

    Not looked at anything seriously yet! So much to do at this time of the year, but I’m paying attention 🙂

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