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    Duncan Barrett

    Hello everyone,

    I am the happy owner of a couple of Wayfarers.

    A little under 40 years ago I was taken sailing in a little Laser on Lake Windermere.  I promised myself then that one day I would learn to sail. Not wanting to go crazy I thought I would try have a go on a budget and after a good deal of reading I decided the Wayfarer best suited interest.

    Wayfarer 2890, a mk 1 grp, was my first attempt prior to reading anything about actual sailing… and once I got her home from the south coast I realised she had no mast (I thought that boom you see in the photo was the mast… oh hum). It also turns out that she has been completely stripped of all her rigging bits and bobs (they’re all in a big red plastic box currently in my shed), and had most of her varnished removed. She cost me 300 quid plus fuel to the south coast and back and I think she’s lovely. I’ve accepted there’s some work to do and the theoretical part of that process has started. Hence…

    Wayfarer 2890

    Wayfarer 1303, a mk 1 “woody”, was purchased from Whitby for the sum of £177.50. She came with a Proctor Mast, which was exclusively my reason for purchase… however, she is in far better condition (love is in the eye of the beholder) than I expected and I think she is also lovely. Anyone who has read so far without falling asleep will have probably arrived at the conclusion I am clueless and I can offer no argument. My untrained eye recognises she needs some significant work to be restored to her original glory but I’m in no rush nor put off… yet.

    Wayfarer 1303

    I joined the Wayfarer Association a month or so ago and read most of the posts (I think that makes me a ‘lurker’). I signed up with Bala Sailing Club for RYA level 1 and level 2 training and have completed my first weekend quite successfully. The second weekend, which was supposed to happen this weekend was postponed due to adverse weather and has been rescheduled for a weekend in September. I’ve bought every book that has the word “Wayfarer” on it and I’m reading them. I have ordered Epoxy glue, Smith’s CPES sealer and Epifanes Clear High Gloss Varnish. I’ve made my introductory post to these forums and I’m ready with an ever growing list of question.

    I’m looking forward to chatting and getting to know the community.

    Thanks for having me,


    Dave Barker

    Hi Duncan,

    Wow! – you may describe yourself as clueless but you obviously have an eye for a bargain. Good luck with your boats and the sailing course too. I look forward to many more forum posts and updates on your progress.

    Welcome to UKWA and the forum.

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