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    Ben Fraser


    Im new to the UKWA. I’ve recently sold my Sadler 26 as, for us, it was no longer the best option with a young family. I’m looking forward to family dinghy sailing and hope to buy a Wayfarer soon. I’m just waiting for a tow bar fitting beginning of next month, and then I’ll be looking in earnest for a good condition Wayfarer, set up primarily for day sailing. I hope to do some racing and maybe camping too. We’re in North East Scotland but I’m happy to travel for the right boat.
    I’m impressed with the UKWA so far. It looks like it’s very active with lots of resources and events.

    Happy sailing,


    Jerome FR – W447

    Welcome aboard, Ben!
    I’m sure you soon will find the boat rightly fitted to your plans.
    You are right; UKWA is really dynamic and alive, and the forum is the heart.
    There are so many archives in the forum; it is hard to make a complete tour in some clicks.
    We need to wake it up a bit!
    Most of the members are gone on Facebook’s page, and the forum seems on a sleepy way.
    It is damageable for folks like me that don’t want to go back on Facebook.

    Let us know when you will found the perfect boat!
    Welcome again!

    Jonathan Ferguson

    Hi Ben,

    Welcome to the association! Wherabouts in that corner of Scotland are you based? I was up there earlier this year…

    Ben Fraser

    Thank you Gents,

    I’m in Moray. I’ll keep you updated on the boat search. Hopefully straight forward as I’m happy to travel.

    Were you in the area sailing Jonathan?

    On another note, I’ve read by some that a Wayfarer is too heavy for one person to pull up a slip on the trolley. I know they’re heavy and on some steep or slidey slips it could be an issue but I was surprised that some suggest it’s a big problem. What’s your experience?



    Hi Ben,

    When I was young and fit with a young family I could manage a Wayfarer by myself. It was a bit of a struggle at times but I did manage it.  My youngest Daughter is now 30 and she doesn’t need much help from me to pull the boat up the slipway.  It is a big dinghy and it is very easy to load it up with all sorts of extras and here might be the problem.  Keep it light and do not take the barbecue would be my advice.

    Jonathan Ferguson

    Sorry for the late reply Ben – been out sailing!

    I was further north, we set off from just North of Wick.

    R.e. the weight – it really depends on the steepness and condition of the slipway. I can’t do it on my own at my club – mind you, it’s very slippery in the first bit and pretty steep in the latter, and I’m nowhere near as strong as Kate is. On flat ground I’m fine on my own.

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