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    Hi guys and girls, 😀
    My wife and I have just bought our first Wayfarer. we live in Lancaster and will be sailing her at Coniston mainly.
    Heres a bit about the boat:
    Mk II GRP Wayfarer No. 5149

    It came with nearly new Macnamara sails Inc Spinnaker and spare cruising set; Proctor aluminium mast and boom; galvanised combi trailer; pair of oars; seagull outboard; trailer lighting board; over boom boat cover.
    We are really pleased with our new boat and it really is in superb condition, all the woodwork is soooo shiny. somebody obviously loved this boat.

    So no doubt over the next few weeks we will be asking all sorts of silly newbie questions!
    You’ve been warned!!


    Welcome jonseyboy!

    I take it from your location you’ll be Lake District sailing then?



    I am a member of coniston sailing club, so most of my sailing will be done there, but I do hope to sail on Windermere and Ullswater from time to time.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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