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    Hi all

    I joined the Association a while ago but have only just got around to getting on the forum. My boat “Puffin” is at Felixstowe and I’m hoping to get some more sailing done next year.

    I have a sail no (3354) and a measurement certificated dated 8/1987 but as far as I can see no identification plate. Can anyone assist with any history of the  dinghy?

    Finally, does anyone have any replacement sails or can they recommend a good supplier, ideally close to East Anglia?

    Many thanks


    Dave Barker

    Hello and welcome, Bruce!

    Is your boat a woodie or grp (or perhaps a composite with a sail number like that)?

    You might consider advertising in the ‘wanted’ section of our boats and bits classifieds, and I recommend being a bit more specific about what sort of sails you’re looking for – racing, cruising, nearly new, furling/reefing genoa, whether you want a spinnaker, or a storm jib etc, etc. (There are a couple of sets of racing sails for sale in the boats and bits, at the time of writing).

    Good luck with your research too.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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