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    Hello All,

    Thought it about time I should introduce myself, having joined the association a few months ago.

    I bought World 10350 “Appropinquo” in early 2018, with the intention of getting my young family out sailing at our local reservoir, as well as doing some cruising with friends…all time permitting.

    Not sailed her a huge number of times yet, but have managed a few short sessions a year at the reservoir, a couple of weeks at Coniston water (with obligatory visits to Peel Island) as well as a cruise from Itchenor to Newtown Creek and return (the next day after sleeping at anchor, with two crew!) and a day-sail round the Isle of Wight from Calshot.

    Looking forward to hopefully finding time to join some association cruises/rallies in the future.



    Luke Bosman

    Hello. Your post has been unfairly ignored for too long! These days the most active online Wayfarer discussions seem to take place on the Wayfarer Dinghy Group on Facebook. I tend to sail on Ullswater but have plans for an excursion to the Norfolk Broads sometime this summer if ever we’re allowed out!


    Thanks Luke, I’d started it to get the impression that key be the case.  Unfortunately (fortunately?) I’ve managed to avoid social media platforms for the last few years now, so now longer have a Facebook account.  Yes it’s been difficult to get out in the last 6-months or so with all the restrictions, hopefully things will continue to improve going forwards.

    Jerome FR – W447

    Hi Nathan,
    Coniston Water and Itchenor sound like great places.
    Only the pictures are missing!
    I’m a new member, and I’m like you. I’m not on Facebook, and so on.
    This forum will be my link with Wayfarer’s lovers.
    Did you plan some new sailing places for this summer?


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