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    Just thought I would say hello…

    I have just bought a GRP MKII wayfarer 9727. I have only been sailing for two summers (with not much sailing at all so far this year..) I did have an RS Vision but didn’t enjoy sailing it that much, I think it was the wrong sort of boat for the sailing I enjoy (hindsight is a wonderful thing !).

    I have joined Shoreham Sailing Club and want to get out and practice sailing (carry on learning what to do) as and when I can. I have a teenage daughter who is far better at sailing than I am and she has promised to come out with me sometimes.

    I’m not sure that I will ever be a very competitive racing sailor but I would like to take the Wayfarer on holiday with me and try some longer day sails or even an overnight stop – I have been reading up on the boat tents with interest although I’m not sure if the rest of the family is that keen….

    Luckily the boat doesn’t need anything major doing to it and I am hoping to take it out for the first time this weekend. 😀



    glad to welcome someone new into the Class. I am sure that crew down at Shoreham will look after you well, and don’t ever worry about not being competitive when racing, at least you are stopping one of the others from being last

    I have actually crewed since my son and helm was 15 – so don’t let daughter onto that stick otherwise you may never get her off.
    We were originally going to cruise, but we started out racing because there were rescue boats about and then son couldn’t understand why we were soooo far behind – by the time we sailed a bit and knew why the bit was between his teeth and we have stayed with the racing. Altho I can sometimes persuade him to go acruising on a Sunday

    hope to meet up with you sometime


    Vintner has been at Shoreham for 45 years now – there’s nowhere like it tho’ don’t ever expect to become a light weather expert !!! Wind this weekend SE 3-4 – a gradual introduction !!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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