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    Hello, I have recently bought a W mkII and I am looking to fit an out board for use in the tidal Thames and the West coast of Scotland.

    Would anyone recommend a suitable bracket for a Mariner 4hp 4stroke engine, I am currently looking at this one:

    I know the engine is overkill for a Wayfarer but I am planning on using it on another boat as an auxiliary ant dont want to fork out for two engines!! I have read the related post above and there is some great info there but I cant seem to find where to buy the old boats and bits bracket.

    Thanks in advance,



    Hey – boats and bits no longer sell them – there are places where you can still get very similar – such as seamark nunn (see link). The engine you have, as you know, is pretty heavy for the wayfarer – and the bracket you are looking at is also heavy, in comparison to the removable one. The removable one weighs 3.5kg, which is quite heavy enough, in my opinion!

    As a side – I have had one built out of stainless steel by an engineer friend, and whilst it is not removable, it only weighs just under a kilo.

    Link to removable bracket:

    Hope you find the one you need.




    Thats great thanks Tim! I think I may compromise the reverse gear on the 4hp to lose the 8KG of weight ong go got the 17KG 3.5hp.


    Thanks again and happy sailing.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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