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    Well perhaps yesterday (Sunday 20th Sept) was not the best day to attempt the cicumnavigation of Hayling Island in Wayfarers.

    Our plan was for eight boats to sail from HISC to the Ship at Langstone for lunch just before high tide, cross over or under the road bridge, sail down Langstone Harbour on the start of the ebb, out of the entrance, across Hayling seafront, across the bar and then sail into Chi Harbour over the Winner Bank.

    All went very well to plan until we started down Langstone Harbour when the expected ebb flow failed to materialise and the wind died to well below five knots. It took us over two hours (after HW) to sail to langstone entrance where the ebb current was still not at full strength. With no wind to speak of and with no other means of propulsion other than sail or paddle we called on our prearranged back-up of the rescue RIBs from the club to tow us back. Thank goodness that we did. By the time we got to Chi Bar Beacon the ebb was flowing with full force, estimate 5-6 knots and crossing that under sail would have been very difficult. Some yachts were struggling to make headway over the ground.

    The high water had stood for far longer than normal, possibly due to high pressure and when it did start ebbing it was if the plug had been pulled out.


    Hi John
    Commiserations. I was Luggering at East Head and the wind was certainly lacking! Coming from Itchenor it was motoring against the tide both ways but we did get a bit of a sail around 5pm. What a big spring tide though, it was cutting in to the sand dunes higher than I’ve ever seen. Had the dubious pleasure of helping push off a powerboat that had taken the ground in a big way not once but twice! Thought I was the only “muppet”.


    As there looks to be no wind again this weekend, I’ll probably just drift over to Esat head myself on Sunday. Hoping that there might be a slight sea breeze.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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