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    Dave Barker

    Can anyone recommend a specific seal profile that fits the rear buoyancy hatch on a MK2 GRP boat?

    I’ve tried laminating a couple of strips of 19×12 rectangular section expanded neoprene and trimming to size with a razor blade – 19mm was too thick, 13-14mm about right. However, this took quite a long time, was difficult to do and the final result doesn’t fit well and looks terrible!

    The seal that I removed was approximately a “D” section, with the curved part of the D sitting into the curved profile of the channel surrounding the hatch opening and the flat part facing upwards to receive the edge of the hatch cover.

    I’m guessing that there must be a seal that fits well into this channel – I just haven’t found it yet.



    These guys :
    supplied me with an excellent section for my old Mk2 – I also found it useful to put a rubber edging section on the hatchcover itself.


    Dave Barker

    Thanks Dave,

    I looked at Cherrys website earlier but couldn’t seem to see anything quite right. also have many profiles but nothing that fits well without modification.

    As soon as I posted my question I had a brainwave, looked on the Porters web-site and they list a seal/gasket for the purpose. I’ve just spoken to Ian Porter who is sending one in the post. So I hope the problem is solved.

    Now I just need to remove the homemade one and clean up the channel – again.

    Thank you for the suggestion.


    Hi Dave
    I replaced mine over the winter and got one from Trident…….it was a rectangular shape profile but hollow to allow the lid to depress the upper ( long) side……..used the handbook advice to cut nicks in the corners to mitre them. Trident took quite a while as they were out of stock so whoever you go to make sure they have them in before commiting and finding yourself off the water.

    looking forward to doing a wet bouyancy test on holiday on a lake……..first time I will have tipped her over……….will try Dave’s extra piece of rubber if it fails………..(I did try Cherry’s chandlery before Trident but their system completely failed me……maybe they were on a winter holiday?)

    just read your reply but I’ll upload this anyway…..happy glueing

    Dave Barker

    Thanks anyway Dave. It’s just possible that my old seal was originally rectangular too and had just taken on the shape of the channel over the years. It was certainly hollow.

    With hindsight I could probably have used Cherry’s CCLO8 (12.5x25mm) and saved myself the trouble of laminating and trimming, but I still would have messed up the glueing. By the way, here’s a tip – don’t mix 2-part contact adhesive in a plastic yogurt pot – the pot disappears fairly rapidly, leaving a very sticky mess on the floor šŸ˜³

    I’ll have a look at Trident now, out of interest.

    Thanks again.

    P.S. Yes, it’s there on the Trident site too – Ā£21.25 plus Ā£3.50 postage


    Cheers for the contact adhesive tip!
    It is true for one part adhesive too…….I managed to ruin a little touch up paint job next to the hatch but I wasn’t going to bore you!


    Dave talk to Charles he has replaced the seals on Topsy as described in the W news


    Greetings all; recently started to sort out the buoyancy tanks on my MK2 GRP No. 7038 which hadn’t been out of a shed for a while. I found that the seal for the rear tank hatch, which was closed for the last 10 years has crushed the rubber seal into a permanent set and despite leaving the hatch unlocked for the winter, hoping that it might spring back, it hasn’t. The tank is, therefore, letting air out like it’s going out of fashion. Reading the thread, I note that Dave Maynard bought some seals from Cherry’s Chandlery. If you are out there, Dave, I was wondering what sections you bought, both for the hull and the edge for the hatch itself. If they worked for you, I am sure they will work for me too. Also what did you use to glue them in place?

    Regards, Dave Doran.


    Dave Doran Wrote:

    I was wondering what sections you bought, both for the hull and the edge for the hatch itself

    It’s a few years since, and I have neither the invoice nor the boat any more, but I seem to remember a ‘U’ section which smoothed off the hatch edge (you might not need this if your hatch edge is entire and smooth!), and a simple neoprene (maybe closed cell) rectangular section that fitted perfectly in the deck recess.

    Also what did you use to glue them in place?

    Glued with a good impact adhesive (EvoStick) and make sure that the joins of each rubber length are mitred in the middle of opposite long sides.

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