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    Hi all,

    Can anyone please suggest a reliable and effective hand pump they may have used for geting most of the water out of the boat below floorboard level.

    A couple of minutes frantic bucket work sorts out the rest !!.




    Hi Laurie

    I have a whale gusher pump

    Mine has a removable handle so it’s slightly different to this.

    It takes a fair amount of arm braking effort to remove the amount of water that’s left under the boards. I think there are pumps like football pumps that might be faster but maybe need two hands to operate – The whale gusher type can be done with one if the body is screwed down.




    Hi Laurie
    I use a plastic football- type pump with a large gauge plastic pipe over the side, cheap and cheerful and effective (around £20). Its not fitted to anything. A little lubrication when it got a bit stiff to operate made a huge difference. Unlike the majority of my experience with self-bailers at least you know water is exiting the boat, but you do need to use two hands.


    I also had trouble in getting water from under the floorboards of our Mk 2 and so fitted a Whale Gusher Urchin with a removeable handle. It is bolted to the floorboard below the thwart on the port side and can be operated by anyone sitting on the thwart, with one hand only. You need to fit a filter to the end of the suction pipe to prevent debris entering the pump. (It is called a “Strum Box” and is sold separately from the pump.) I led this suction pipe forward through the cut-out in the floorboard used to get access to the self-bailer on the port side.

    I sailed for a season with the discharge pipe tucked away and brought out only when the pump was needed, but to be honest, it was only an hour’s work to drill a hole in the top of the hull just below the rubbing strake to fit a skin fitting for the discharge pipe. With this, the crew can operate the pump any time they like. (A good task for our children)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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