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    Simple question but despite using the search function on the forum I have not found advice on the length of the main halyard.  I know it needs replacing, there is a rip in the outer sheath of the dayneema and the inside is poking out.  I would like to go to a chandlers in Central London (yes really, it’s Arthur Beale on High Holborn) but do not have time to go down to the boat, pull out the old and measure it.

    So please advise me on the optimum length of my main halyard.





    Minimum twice the length of your mast: 14 meters. But add a little to allow for cutting a piece of  the top every year. That will put a fresh part of the halyard on the sheaves. But before buying a new halyard, try putting it in upside down. That  too puts a fresh part on the sheaves, without cutting.



    Thanks Swiebertje, no chance of swapping it end for end, I have a nasty snag that has made a hole in the outer sheath and the core is poking out.

    A good excuse for a trip down to the Chandlery to feel the size. You never know I might find something I didn’t know I need.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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