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    Hi, so I have started my refurbishment of a grp mk II. It didn’t have a keel band to the fore of the centerboard cutout and has obviously sustained damage that I has been repaired, though not to a very high standard. So I was planning to just remove the old sub standard repair and redo it with new glass fibre. However in no time at all I was right through into the hull void, well the front buoyancy tank actually.. see photo.

    the damage

    So I went all the way through and found there is a band of plywood running the length of the keel which is there presumably to provide some extra anchorage for the keel band screws. At the moment I intend to rebuild sections of the keel having first placed strips of epoxy sheathed ply, over which I can lay fibreglass. Does this sound like a good approach? Any thoughts (or encouragement) would be appreciated.

    Dave Barker

    Hi – I have no specialist knowledge, but would happily offer encouragement. I assume that the wooden strip was originally there for the reason that you state and also to act as a former over which the grp was laid up. I don’t see that you can go far wrong in using quality materials in an intelligent way, which you seem to be doing. Good luck!


    Hello slaval,
    My mk2 has a band fitted but it was fitted so badly that I will
    at some time have to remove it and do the job properly. I’ve been wondering what the screws went into and this has delayed my decision, so thanks to your article I will do the job sooner rather than later. I think what you are doing is fine especially the ply sheathing prior to layup and so, like Dave, I wish you good luck.
    Pete mk2 7059


    thanks for the encouragement. My dilemma at the moment is knowing what length of keel to replace in one go. If I do too greater a length at a time, will the form of the hull be lost. I am a grp novice and will be  experimenting on the job 🙂


    I now think that perhaps there wasn’t substantial ply on the inside of the keel. Heres a photo looking towards the fore…



    hull is inverted so keel at top of picture… doesn’t seem to be evidence of wood there… unless it has completely disintegrated.

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