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    Hi everyone.

    Former UKWA member returning to the fold after a few years absence. Proud owner of Grey/White Glass fibre Mk2 5199. She’s mostly used for fair weather day sailing around Chichester Harbour, but would like to try cruising further afield, or even camping if it ever warms up.. I am an experienced sailor but have healthy respect for the sea. I have also ordered the new edition of handbook to try and make a few less mistakes. Particular interest in single handing these superb boats.



    G’day Barryboy, welcome back to the fleet.

    I have sailed Chichester Harbour a couple of times, a great place so long as you avoid all the big plastic steam-irons coming out of the marina on a rising tide, and the RS400s from the local sailing club using you as a racing mark.

    But catch it just right when all is peaceful and quiet and it’s a great place to sail. Are you a member of a club down there?


    Hi Mike.

    Your right about Chichester being busy, but away from the racers and East Head on a Bank holiday it is very pretty. Looking forward to first sail tomorrow from Cobnor. I don’t belong to a club but hoping to have a little look at some of UKWA events during this year.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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