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    I would be grateful if someone more knowledgeable than myself could tell me where on the mast the D-rings (clips to attach jib-stick/whisker pole) should be situated to allow goose-winging.
    Many thanks in advance.
    Graham Lawson

    Dave Barker

    I’m planning to put an extra ring on our mast, as the spinnaker pole ring provided with the mast seems too high for the jib stick (and arguably too low for the spinnaker pole). Looking at it yesterday while running goose-winged (in very little wind) we decided it would need to be approximately at or just below the level of the gooseneck. It might vary slightly depending on the shape of the genoa.

    I would also be interested to hear what others think about this.


    I was searching for some information on the website on any class rules regarding the length of a jib stick, or any recommendations on the length that would work in most circumstances, and came across the forum stream above.

    I would welocme any thoughts and comments on the question rasied above and any follow up comments on the last post from Dave Barker re the positioning of a D-ring, as I have a similarly ill positioned ring for my existing spinnaker set-up.

    Thanks in advance for the continued technical input that proves an inavaluable resource to those still learning about the Wayfarer.

    Darren Masters


    I have a jib stick for sale if anyone needs one! Might be difficult to post though.

    Richard (ex-W9592)

    Colin Parkstone

    Jib pole length rule, 6ft 6in max.
    Jib pole must be made of wood or metal.

    Do not think the jib pole needs to be as long as the spi pole so less is likely!

    C P 🙂


    The optimal jib stick length happens to be exactly equal to the length of a broomstick, or so says my wallet. A broomstick is dirt cheap compared to any other piece of wood and it is nicely grained (strong). Add two SS hook from a hardware or bathroom supply shop and bend one straight. (Cut off the excess length if any). Add a little varnish and there you are, a perfect jib stick for less then five quid.



    I have an old wooden boathook which also doubles as a jibstick – a bit heavy though…


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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