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    Hi Folks

    So I got my lovely new wooden W6330 in out of the cold and wet about a month ago and she’s nicely dried out in my garage

    New things are always a bit daunting and I find in addition to the scheduled strip and re-varnish/re-bilge-paint of the interior that was due this year, that I have some other little repairs – an area of ding-ed rubbing strake to sort out, an broken top tip of centreboard to replace and some fittings that will need re-doing.

    and I realise that although I am a confident woodworker in other respects (I once knocked up an octagonal studio for my wife from scratch) I really don’t have a good technical appreciation of the finer points of making sure boat repairs are really properly done.

    The wayfarer book simply says the subject is beyond the scope of that volume and recommends a good book.
    So are there books people can recommend? Perhaps we could put the resultant list of recommendations up on the site itself?

    thanks all



    i think it was Ian Proctor who wrote ‘ Racng Dinghy Maintenance ‘ in the 1960’s .



    My reference books are:
    Boatbuilding Methods by Peter Cook
    Gougeon Brothers on Boat Construction
    They cover just about all I have needed to know, especially Gougeon which is essential when working with epoxy.

    Boris, whilst I have your attention, can you do something about the Congestion Charge please?


    Maybe this helps a bit: Restoring the old woodies
    There are a lot of other goodies to be found on the Wayfarer Institute of Technology for DIY Wafarer owners.


    How nice to come in from the chilly garage and the job of stripping out all the cockpit rigging to find all these helpful suggestions!

    Would love to help with the congestion charge – having inadvertently got caught by it not long ago. Interestingly, like the other Boris (Johnson of London) mine is a nickname – I think big blondhaired boys got called that rather easily in the late 1970s. Anyhow, if I were him I’d suggest getting on one of my own bikes I suppose.

    Thanks all of you, and any other tips gratefully received.

    cheers – Boris


    The West epoxy book is now online:

    Keep on asking specific questions on this forum, there is a lot of knowlege waiting to be tapped.


    wow, that really is a .pdf! –
    for folks looking at this thread another time: the link in Fantasia’s post above is the whole gougeon brothers book
    thanks Fantasia, ‘twern’t lookin’ cheap on Amazon.

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