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    Jim Sutherland

    I have a wooden mast with original 1960s rigging. Rope halyards. Can you replace the Holt Allen metal/plastic blocks with more sturdy blocks to take a wire halyard for the genoa? Can the original blocks do? Fitting a highfield lever is easy enough.

    We are a long way from a Cruising Conference but the Wayfarer Book and the Wayfarer Magazine are poured over in the far north….

    Bob Harland

    If you tension your rig with the standing rigging and bottlescrew(s) then you would probably find a rope halyard adequate – provided your genoa/jib are kept tight to the forestay with piston hanks or clips.
    4mm dyneema would be quite strong enough, though 5mm is less likely to cut into the hands – check the diametre of your existing halyard and try to match that.
    I don’t think there is much benefit to be had in changing to wire on a wooden mast.

    Jim Sutherland

    Thanks Bob.

    The rigging is quite slack and I will try a new halyard.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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