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    I’m looking for some advice on how to route a genoa furling line back to the aft side of the centreboard case. I’m sure this is one of those things that can be done in several different ways so any descriptions and maybe pictures would be very much appreciated. (My boat is a mk1 grp).



    I have a small through deck sheave just in front of the breakwater and just aft of the forward bulkhead. It is offset slightly to starboard to where the breakwater is just behind the bulkhead. From there it runs to a sheave on the side of the mast step. much like the other lines that go aft. Since I don’t use my furler while racing the through deck sheave is taped off to comply with class rules.

    Originally I wanted to drill a small hole through the breakwater but Ian Porter advised against it because the breakwater is filled with foam and it may get water logged. The only secure way to make a hole in the breakwater IMHO is to first make a large hole and plug that with glass bubbles and polyester (or epoxy). After it set, drill a hole through this new GRP plug. This way you could mount a through deck sheave behind the breakwater. AFAIK this would be considered class legal if it is close to the mast. See class rules:

    20.4 In foredeck. Two holes of maximum aggregate diameter 26 (1”). Neither of these holes shall be centred more than 64 (2½”) from the mast recess.

    Colin Parkstone

    One way to have a rope pass through the breakwater is to put a tube of some sort in and seal it so no water can get into the inside of the breakwater.
    Copper tube can be turned over like a rivet !

    C P

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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