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    At the AGM last weekend is was evident the proposals for two new membership categories as defined in the AGM papers potentially disenfranchised ‘Family members’ as defined by the existing Constitution.

    This was not the UKWA ExCom’s intention when the simplification of memberships was drafted.

    The new proposals to simplify the membership were voted through.

    However, I proposed a caveat which was the definition of Full and Family membership were incorporated, so there is no distinction and the old definition of Family Membership is included within that of Full Membership. This was accepted as a pragmatic way forward.

    The UKWA would operate on this principle this year and an addendum will be included in next years papers and Constitution to clear up any misunderstanding.

    There are now only two types of membership, Full(Including Family) at £25 and Associate(Non boat owning) at £20.


    Bob Harland

    And a message from our Treasurer;
    Dear Member of the UKWA
    A gentle reminder. At the AGM on March 3rd, the new membership categories and subscription rates were approved for payment on April 1st. So please, if you haven’t already done so, change your Standing Order Mandate at your bank as appropriate.
    Full members (also incorporating former Family members) £25
    Associate members (non-boat owning) £20
    Please also check that the reference alongside the payment is obvious, ie boat number or Assoc number.
    If you do not have a Standing Order, please set one up, or you can make direct Electronic payments to our bank
    Sort Code 30-90-86
    Account Number 00320842
    Account Name UK Wayfarer Assoc
    Here’s hoping for a successful sailing season

    Download a standing order mandate;


    Re: Liam’s post.
    Is it still the case that Full membership includes family members?
    I presume family is defined.
    Not trying to be difficult here, but the question arises when organising events.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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