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    Jerome FR – W447

    Hi everyone
    Thank you in advance for welcoming me.
    2 months ago, I was infected by the “Wayfarerus-21”, and I definitely love that change in our life.

    I’m 53 and I was away from the dinghies for more than 35 years.
    I have sailed until being a teenager on Optimist, 420 ou Caravelle.
    Is there a clue?
    I’m french!
    Based nearly Paris and our boat too.

    It is a lovely wooden model, it is got the number W447 on the transom, Mark I, probably built around 1961.

    We are sailing with, as often as possible.
    The boat needs some care, and I’ll surely ask you some questions.

    I will be pleased to meet you.



    Jerome FR – W447

    Here are some pictures to introduce ourselves:-



    David Vella

    Welcome aboard Jerome.

    If you think your questions will be stupid, you should look at mine ! haha

    Loads of helpful folk here and on the facebook group which is also great, but I think in terms of actual knowledge base you will gain more from this forum.


    Happy Wayfaring!

    Jerome FR – W447

    ah ah!
    You’re absolutely right, thanks a lot, David
    I’ll stay there, in the forum.
    (I closed my Facebook account 5 years ago, and I don’t want to reopen it)

    I still try to understand how to post pictures here.
    Topics are much more alive and dynamic when pics are in.

    Where are you based, David?
    Where do you plan to sail when your boat will being ready?
    What kind of sail do you like? (day trip, coast cruising, race, … ?)


    Robert Crayston

    Jerome ,I am also a new member and looking forward to getting on the water again. My question is about what would be a suitable small outboard motor or the possibility of an electric one .Does anybody have experience with one ? Robert 9528 Fever.

    Jerome FR – W447

    Hi Robert.

    I’ve bought the small engine sold with the boat.

    It’s a 2.5 suzuki 4 stroke. Very light (13 kg)

    The only thing I can say:

    the previous owner has usually hooked up the engine directly on the transom.

    I’ll find an outboard bracket.



    Jerome FR – W447

    can you tell us your story about your boat? (in the forum’s “introduction” section?)
    You are a new member because you’ve just bought it?
    What can of sailing do you like?
    In what part of the world are you with your Wayfarer?

    Jerome FR – W447

    Pictures embedded in the post, just above.

    That’s us!

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