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    What the best way of fastening the forward hatch? I’ve got the the same set up at Matt’s Waterwitch on the aft hatch but starting from scratch with the forward hatch………..nice rhyme eh?

    Hoping the W978 Boombird project will be complete mid Jan 2009, by whitch point it will have been running for about 7.5 years.

    Hope all is well in the winter wayfarer boat sheds?



    I have used 4 of these on my GRP plus-S:

    With the GRP forward hatch of a plus-S they don’t go on immediately, they need risers. The risers double as guide posts and help me to put the hatch in its correct position. For this reason I have made small rectangular cut outs in the outer edges of the hatch that fit around the risers. (I have made a detailed technical drawing of the setup which I can send through email if you like). Since the hatch is in a awkward position these guide posts are a blessing.

    The problem was the standard (Porter) clips didn’t hold the hatch tight due to the weight of the hatch and vibrations caused by sailing. Also the original clips were on the outer edge and that bends too much, this releases all pressure. My new set up presses on the chine of the hatch and that is much stiffer. So far the closures have kept the hatch perfectly in place and also kept the compartment perfect waterproof after a capsize.

    I am not sure about the situation on a woody, these closures may fit immediately without risers and modifications to the hatch. If I have some time left, before it gets too dark, I shall try to make a picture next Sunday after the third race of our Winter regatta.


    Hi there,
    They look perfect, next question………….how many and where did you get them from?



    I got 4 of them here: But they are made by KMarine, a Taiwan company. I am sure these (or similar ones) are available through a UK chandler as well.


    I’ve had a little look around and Norfolk Marine supply clasps to a similar design to the Dutch ones.

    Looks like they’ll suit my boat as the hatch is larger than the opening in the bulkhead.

    Here’s the link

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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