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    Firstly, a big “thank you” to all the volunteers who are involved, unsung and unnoticed, behind the scenes for keeping the website going through all the various spam and scam attacks.

    I wonder if it is possible to return the “freshness” (last post) column on the right hand side of the forum to a time and date format, rather than the new “hours, days, weeks” format.

    I just preferred the old way.

    If not,  I’ll learn to live with it and, thank you all once again for all your work.

    Cheers, Davdor


    I have spoken to the programmer about these points – there would be a cost involved in changing them. I suggest we wait for more feedback and then I can make a call on the priorities when we have all had more experience of the new Forum. Thank you for making the point.


    Dave Barker

    Was there a positive reason to move from the previous format to the current (new) version?


    It would be interesting for there to be a response, from my own point of view I don’t find this new format easy to use. To the extent that I dip in far less than I used to. It seems strange that a third or more of the screen is taken up with the login status, forth coming events and blank space?

    Am I missing a trick? is there an easier way of using the new forum that I’ve not found?


    Thank you for all your comments which are helpful. We will be amending the layout of the screens in the coming months and I will take all these comments into account when doing so. Our basic philosophy is to use the basic wordpress packages wherever possible to cut down on the development cost and to ensure upgradability. The Association  is not rich and we want to spend the money on critical items. Your views on these is always appreciated. The current development effort is focused on sending out newsletters by email – the first Cruising one going out this morning.



    Thanks for the reply and news letter rec’d this morning. Can I suggest that the newsletters include a link to this Forum?
    I am a member of various forums & discussion groups ranging from sailing to biking and family history, the best and most active are those that are a source of information for those wanting it and whose active members make the subject matter ideas self generating. The newsletters will be good but I think there needs to be the ability for information & interaction flow in both directions.

    Wishing you fair winds & tides for 2015



    Good idea…I will include in the next one.

    Regards, john

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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