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    Sean Fitzpatrick


    Seen a system for a flyaway jib pole, on Wayfarer International, in which the pole is retained vertically against the mast by shock cord and deployed by a control line and cleat on the deck. The pole is hollow and the control line runs through the pole and to the jib clew.

    There seem to be a few classes using or adopting this system. I wondered if used (or available to be used) it might contravene the class rules.

    I have read the class rules and looked on here, there was some clarifications regarding number of poles carried.

    What defines a jib stick and/or a spinnaker pole, fittings, ends, method of deployment?

    Can a boat carry two jib sticks and 1 spinnaker pole?

    Maybe somebody has tried the system and can make some comment as to how effective or useful they found it.

    Best wishes, Sean


    Sean, I fitted a flyaway jib pole a few years ago and enquired at the time as to whether it would be racing-legal or not. While I never really got a definitive answer, the Class Rules don’t appear to govern “running rigging” which a flyaway jib pole will use.
    Some racers use automatic spinnaker poles which also involve running rigging and there has been no ban in these. The jib pole running rigging is the same.

    As far as I know, you can either carry 2 spinnaker poles or 1 spinnaker pole and 1 jib stick.

    I have found the flyaway jib pole to be useful especially single-handing, but think it would be tricky to fit both the flyaway jib pole and a spinnaker system. Though I never tried.

    Where exactly did you see the flyaway jib pole in Wayfarer International?

    Regards, davdor

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