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    Simon McEvoy admonished me at the Ullswater Gathering last year because my floorboards were in an awful state- cracked and rotten. I think I’ll get detention if I turn up this year without having replaced them, so I thought I’d ask for advice. My boat is a Mk II GRP, with two long half-sized wooden boards (one each side). I’d prefer to have four quarter-sized boards, to allow easier access below. I don’t know if all GRP boats are like mine, but it has fewer frames than a wooden boat, so fewer places to support floorboards. I’m sure I could improvise something, but thought it might be useful to ask someone with experience. Any thoughts? (One of mine was to use blobs of expanding foam to create supports where necessary.)


    I have a Moores Mk II GRP with 1/4 floor boards. The rear sections are longer than the front ones.
    The inner forward sections are supported in a slot running the length of the centreboard case.
    I am not aware of any further additional supports apart from those already present during manufacture.

    Post back if you would like some further measurements and photographs.



    I need to give my floorboards a coat of paint , im on quite a tight buget so i was wondering if i could just use some exterior gloss – the sort of thing used on the doors of houses. The boat will be kept on a mooring so if the paint will not reppel water very well then could you advise on an alteritive that will not have a large marine grade price tag ? Any advice will be greatly recived .

    Colin Parkstone

    Bert, Thats just rude, hope translation was the reason your answer came across the way it did? 😡


    Some people aren’t very used to using the internet. Some other people are very good with it and tend to forget this. I think that’s what that was. When the latter meets the former it’s best just to point things out in a friendly way. Nothing is to be gained by casting nasturtiums on someone’s character

    Bob Harland

    I used Blakes / Hempel deck paint plus non-slip additive. It’s a one pot paint. This has worn very well and when it comes to touching it up one pot is a lot easier. A litre tin was plenty to do both sides.
    If you are keeping the boat on a mooring pay close attention to sealing the end grain.
    hope that helps

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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