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    Pete Lock

    Evening All,

    Just a quick one…..

    I need to make a couple of new floorboards, current ones are of two different thickness, one 5 play and one 3 play, which is all a bit wobbly.

    Can somebody please tell me what thickness they should be.





    I made a couple of boards to replace my original ones that, I guess, came with the boat in 1987. I have no idea if there is an accpeted thickness, but I elected to use 9mm Marine Ply purchased from my local wood merchant. A complete sheet provides enough for two boards and the re-inforcing points for any bench supports that came with the original.

    I suspect some race enthusiast may suggest you can make them from a thinner material to get a marginal weight advantage, but the 9mm material is sturdy enough, fits the slot running down the CB casing and when covered with a couple of coats of Epoxy are just the ticket.

    Hope this helps.



    From the class rules:

    23. FLOORBOARDS (Wayfarer World, Mark IV and SD versions excluded).
    23.1 Position. Shall be fitted when racing, but shall be removable.
    23.2 Material. Shall be plywood or G.R.P. of minimum thickness 8 (5/16”). Solid timber stiffening or framing permitted.
    23.3 Number. Not more than three on each side of the centreline.
    23.4 Apertures permitted for access to fixings and fittings and for finger holes where reasonable.
    23.5 Extent. Shall be substantially in accordance with official drawings applying to specific version of boat.

    On a GRP boat, don’t use anything thicker then 9 mm for it will not fit in the groove next to the CB case and the stand-off of the fixings will be too low. This leaves you with the choice between 8 or 9 mm. I don’t think marine grade ply is necessary because the boards will be fully painted and are easy to maintain. IMHO Weather and Boil Proof (WBP) quality plywood available from any DIY shop in your area will do just fine.

    Pete Lock

    Thanks Folk.

    The ones I have got currently, have no stiffners. If 9mm Marine Ply is to be used are they needed and if so where do they go.



    @Pete Lock wrote:

    Thanks Folk.The ones I have got currently, have no stiffners. If 9mm Marine Ply is to be used are they needed and if so where do they go.

    That depends on whether you are a native English speaker……. 🙄
    The short answer is: No, you don’t need stiffeners, unless you are well over 20 stone.

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