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    I’m just getting into sailing and recently bought 3148 – Mk1 GRP. I’ve purchased a burgee and burgee bracket and want to know if there is a ‘best’ position to mount the bracket at the mast head e.g port or starboard and distance from the top?

    Dave Barker

    Hi Andy,

    Welcome to the forum!

    The top of the burgee bracket on “Cockle” is about 55mm below the top of the round section of the mast, on the starboard side. Whether that’s the best position I wouldn’t like to say, but it works fine for me.


    Mine is at the front of the mast. I have had them mounted port and starboard on past masts. When I get my new mast it will be fitted to the front because it is as easy to see from either side. I do like a burgee for downwind sailing but most of the time I use the tell tales on the sails.

    Colin Parkstone

    I have one on the transom for down wind work as it tells me what the wind angle is as it hits the boat and not after the sails have got in the way???
    CP 😉


    very good – your other april fool is less of a joke – we’ve already seen evidence (albeit limited) of speed differences!

    Colin Parkstone

    And yet you still won so hope for you yet!!!

    Please dont bight Beef, The suns out ” Alls Right with the World “

    C P 🙂


    Thanks for the advice, especially Colin — but what are the ‘sail’ things?

    Andy C

    Colin Parkstone


    A mate of mine who is into the underwater stuff,unlike us who spend most of our time trying to stay above it call’s me a ” Rag and Stick Sailor “

    So by that the ” Sail Things ” must be the rags on the sticky thing !!!

    CP 😉

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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